How to perfect your property title in Abuja and Nasarawa State.

How to perfect your property title in Abuja and Nasarawa State.



First and foremost, there are some certain things that you need to know concerning the documents being given to you in respect of your land. You can be given R of O which is refer to Right of Occupancy or be given C of O which is refer to Certificate of Occupancy and also some other document like letter of intent for allocation as the case may be, this letter of intent for allocation are given to ressettler mostly the Abuja indigene.

For you to have your C of O, you are expected to pay the bill attached to your R of O in other to process your C of O. Certificate of Occupancy is a document issued by state governments in Nigeria to landowners and property buyers as a legitimate proof of ownership. This document also spells out what the land can be used for. Which can be residential, commercial, mixed used.

The government is constitutionally mandated to issue the Certificate of Occupancy because all lands in the state are vested in the Governor of the State and for Abuja land it is vested on FCT Minister. This is clearly spelt out in the Land Use Act 1978.


There are two types of lands in FCT/Abuja, they are FCDA land and Area Council land. The Area council land is also called AMAC allocation land, which someone needs to be extra very careful before you purchase such land..For any land you want to purchase in Abuja, you need to do proper legal search of it in AGIS (Abuja Geographical Information System) before you make any payment for the properties, because they are the one responsible for generation, management and administration of land related matters in FCT and for Nasaraw     formaThe process of perfecting your document of Abuja properties defer from one another depending on the type of document you obtain on the properties.

To avoid being defrauded by fraudsters with fake or cloned documents concerning that property you want to purchase make sure a proper legal search is done before you make your payment.



Nasarawa state Is a state that share boundary with Abuja the Federal capital of Nigeria. Lands can be acquired in Nasarawa by direct purchase from local owners or through allocation from the state government.

 The authority that is responsible for generation, management and administration of land related matters in Nasarawa state is NAGIS (Nasarawa Geographical Information System).




1.      Make sure you do your thorough investigation on the land before you pay for it, because most Nasarawa lands are local lands to avoid being defrauded make sure a due diligence is done on the land.


2.      Ensure that the land you are buying has an access road because a land without a required access road will not be granted either R of O or C of O by the NAGIS and the required access road varies.


3.      Make sure a physical measurement of the land is done for you before you make your payment, and let it be confirmed by a surveyor.


4.       Collect a well signed land agreement form from the land seller but preferably get a deed of assignment, if possible, the clearance form should be signed by the seller immediately.


5.      Mark out your portion of land, by doing the four corner beacons, you can as well dig round but preferably erect a fence.


Here are the process/ things needed to perfect the documentation of your properties in Nasarawa.


v  Get a clearance form of N5,000, which usually in triplicate, the one you will obtain depends on the local government the property falls in.


v  A photocopy of the signed agreement forms or deed of assignment.


v  Your Recent passport photographs


v  Site plan of the property.



We advise you to start the process of documentation of your landed property immediately it is been purchased.




1.       Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy goes beyond merely granting you landed properties. It is for such documents to be used as a means of collateral to secure a loan from the bank or mortgage institutions whenever the owner of such land and landed property requires some financial aid to execute a particular project.


2.       It makes the landed property to have more value unlike a land without C of O., and it makes it easy to transfer the ownership or to sell.


3.       Compensation: a land with C of O have a great chance of adequate compensation in case of compulsory acquisition of the property by government.


4.       Sense of security: Another benefit of having genuine documents on land and landed properties’ is the sense of security that comes with it. This is so because whoever has genuine documents on their land and landed properties will greatly be at peace with themselves on all their real estate investment holdings as they are well secured. Genuine land and landed property documents serve as an instrument of security for the guidance and protection of holders of such documents against theft, encroachment or illegal transfer/alienation of their land and landed properties without their prior knowledge or consent.


5.       Increase in value: Genuine documents on land and landed properties is also of benefit in land and landed property appreciation as it plays a major role or factor in determining land and property values.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


 I didn’t have money to pay my outstanding bills. How do I re-certify my title documents.

It is compulsory for anybody with Statutory Right of Occupancy of Abuja land to pay all charges payable on a grant. Failure to do this could lead to the withdrawal or revocation of such a Right of Occupancy.

Is the right of occupancy of my plot forever?

The right of occupancy of a land are mostly granted for 99years. Upon expiration of the lease period, the land and the improvement on it revert to Government. It is believed that the owner of a right of occupancy might have enjoyed whatever investment he might have made on the plot of land before the expiration period. There is also a provision for a re-grant after the expiration of the right of occupancy.


 I lost my original Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) how do I get new one

In this situation which could be due to disasters such as fire, water etc., the owner is expected to report to   Police and obtain an extract of the report from them. Then go to a court of law and swear to an affidavit. Thereafter cause a notice to be published in any three national dailies announcing the loss of the C of O and then wait for at least three months. Then the person can then submit the Police report, Court affidavit and excerpts of the newspaper publications to the re-certification team.

What can  make my valid title to be revoked?

A title document or statutory Right of Occupancy can be revoked for overriding Public interest. It can be revoked on the account of contravention of any or all of the terms of the right of occupancy.

 What is ground rent

Ground rent is a charge paid to Government for the use of the land. It is payable annually based on an approved rate. It is subject to periodic revision within the term of the lease.


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